While walking on a beach on Rottnest island Australia, I took some pictures of a light house with my venerable old Zeiss Ikon film camera and then it struck me. I might somehow be able to earn a living as a photographer. I moved back to the UK in 1999, studying photography at London College of Communication, and at Paddington College.

 I gave up an ambition to run my own restaurant & coffee business (who knows where that would have lead me) and since 2003 I’ve been working professionally.

Photography plays to my inquisitive nature I get to meet lots of interesting people and be my own boss, and Despite the ubiquity of digital images I still have a romantic view of photography.

I’m committed to reducing my carbon footprint and where ever possible I travel to jobs in the greater London area by bicycle, its also faster and more reliable.


James Perrin is supported by Bootstrap Company through the Bootstrap Fund for Affordable Workspace in return for a commitment to working with and for the local community in Camden, Islington, Hackney


My Blog is very sporadicaly updated do comment and make surgetions of what content you want to see